urban, architectural, fine art, panoramic photography
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fine art photography
I strive to create timeless images worthy of gallery exhibitions and fine art collections. My main subject matter is the urban environment, and also abstract images.
architectural photography
I employ sophisticated techniques to create striking photographs with strong composition, smooth and wide tonal range, accurate colors, and ample detail.
interior photography
Lighting is the key to quality interior photography, and I know how to achieve a pleasing effect without resorting to artificial-looking processing.
photo reproduction of fine art
I provide properly lighted and color accurate images of your Fine Art work, whether they are small drawings or large sculptures or installations.
digital image enhancement
My skilled image processing maximizes tonal range, inner contrast, color accuracy, and sharpness. I use advanced techniques such as multi-layer composites to enhance images unobtrusively. I can create special graphics and text effects for websites, ads and presentations.
website design
I design unique websites featuring photographic content with styling appropriate to the client's identity. I can make adaptive sites for different platforms including mobile devices and tablets. My custom slide shows provide an ideal showcase for your images, and I also write effective copy.
three hundred sixty degree panramic V R photography
This rich interactive visual experience has the practical advantage of showing places and spaces with a "you are there" immersive quality.
I produce eye-catching image content and design that will make your project or an exhibition shine. My decades of experience are a distinct advantage in making the most of any situation.
technical quality
From precision camerawork to complex lighting to expert image processing and enhancement, I have gained the discipline and experience to produce quality work.
dedicated service
I go the extra mile to deliver the best results, whether that means making extra trips to catch the perfect light, or arranging special access, or prioritizing a deadline.
custom printing
I use professional printers to make high quality archival prints suitable for framing and formal display.